Aquarium LED Black

The first steps in aquarism at a high technical level became possible thanks to modern technologies. Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting equipment and an efficient filtration system have become an integral part of this concept.

The safe bottom frame ensures reliable stability of the aquarium and allows it to be installed without the need for special pads.

We pay special attention to detail, use high-quality materials and improve technical aspects to ensure maximum safety and durability. Our 110 LED aquariums have a long service life of 110 days.

The 110 LED cover is equipped with an energy-saving NovoLux 80 LED lamp with a power of 10.5 watts. If necessary, the cover can be additionally equipped with up to three NovoLux LED lamps to meet even the most specific needs.

The special design of the lid allows you to return the condensate back to the aquarium in the closed state. The integrated flap is convenient for feeding fish and supports the use of JUWEL automatic feeders.

Our lighting systems have been tested by the German Technical Regulatory Authority (TÜV GS) for your safety.

The 110 LED system also includes a powerful Bioflow Super filter that ensures efficient and safe water filtration. This filter is based on the principle of "Water stays in the aquarium!" and includes powerful filter media and a quiet but powerful Eccoflow 500 circulation pump with a power of only 5.5 watts.

The optimum temperature in the aquarium is maintained by a 100 W adjustable JUWEL AquaHeat heater. This heater is integrated into the filter housing, remaining invisible in the aquarium.

The heater is also certified by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV/GS) for your safety.

For maximum stability of the aquarium, it is recommended to use a suitable cabinet. This cabinet also matches the color of the aquarium and provides ease of assembly, as well as additional storage space for things such as accessories.

The cabinet is sold separately and is not included.


  • Size: 81 x 36 x 45 cm
  • Weight: 20.5 kilograms
  • Volume: 110 liters

Such an aquarium will not only decorate your interior, but also provide a comfortable space for your aquarium life.

Aquarium LED Black
Price: 112 $


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